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This site is dedicated to maintaining a database of first names from all over the world. We are still working to add all meanings to the names and sort them by gender, ethic and other behavior.

Most names come from the European and Arab area, especially italian, spanish, french and german firstnames.

Kanika (Sanskrit, Hindi: ‍कनिका) is a first name for female, often found in the Hindu community. Kanika means atom, seed or gold.
Karthika (hindi : कर्थिका) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular feminine given name, which means "bestower of courage".
Kavita (hindi : कविता) means poetry in Hindi Hindu/Sanskrit. It is a popular feminine name among Indians. given name.
Kirtana (Bengali: কীর্তন; Kannada: ಕೀರ್ತನೆ; Marathi: कीर्तन; Punjabi: ਕੀਰਤਨ; Hindi/Nepali कीर्तन; Telugu: కీర్తన; Tamil: கீர்த்தனை; Sanskrit (IAST): kīrtana; Sanskrit for "praise; eulogy"; also sankirtana ) is call-and-response chanting performed in India's bhakti devotional traditions. A person performing kirtana is known as a kirtankara or, colloquially, a "kirtaneera". Kirtana practice involves chanting hymns or mantras to the accompaniment of instruments such as the harmonium, tablas, the two-headed mrdanga or pakhawaj drum and hand cymbals (karatalas). It is a major practice in Vaisnava devotionalism, Sikhism, the Sant traditions and some forms of Buddhism, as well as other religious groups. Kirtana is sometimes accompanied by story-telling and acting. Texts typically cover religious, mythological or social subjects.
Kumudini may refer to

In the data base are, apart from modern and traditional first names also American, Arab, Germans, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Northern, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavian, Spanish, and Swedish first names.

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Note: With an international list of names it can occur that some first names are identical to label names. Hereby we point out that all used marks are property of their respective owners.